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Civilisation Of Virtues - 1

     In order for us to attain to the superior virtues that will make us acceptable to Allah, we must nourish heartfelt love for the friends of Allah and the Blessed Prophet to whom they are devoted. And it is him that we must follow. For this reason it is hoped that, as we become truly acquainted with the Prophet and take as our model his superior characteristics, which have been praised by Allah, we will have the honour of being amongst those brothers that the Prophet gave glad tidings of. If we recognize him today, he will recognize us tomorrow in that great gathering on the last Day. If we reach a state in which we see him in reality then he will see us. If we listen to him and do as he says, then he will hear our cries and take us by the hand. In this way we will become for others, an exhibition of his beautiful example. This is the greatest virtue of all!

Osman Nuri Topbaş
ISBN: 978-9944-83-138-3


Civilisation of Virtues - 2

     Although Islam as a faith may be noted for the degree to which it is practiced, unfortunately usually in our times this practice has lacked the spirit of Islam. The rituals are mechanically performed as if only a kind of social custom while the spirit of Islam has been almost totally lost. This book aims to illuminate the spiritual radiance of Islamic worship and to clothe it in stories of the lives of the prophets and their companions and also in the lives of exemplary Sufis. In particular many references to the poetry of Rumi, Yunus Emre and other Sufis aim to bond the passion of our spiritual practice with its ritual form. The chapters on paying charity and poor-due possess great beauty. The deep analysis they afford of the economic philosophy integral in Islam, abundantly demonstrates their inherent value in our grossly material world.

Osman Nuri Topbaş
ISBN: 978-9944-83-191-8


Shaikh Mahmud Sami Ramazanoğlu

     The friends of Allah do not seek publicity or praise from other people; Allah the Almighty Himself praises them and loves them. In elevating their ranks, He even regards those who love the friends of Allah, in reality, love Allah. Among these friends of Allah, is the Sultan of Gnostics, Mahmud Sami Ramazanoğlu of Adana. Through his deep love of Allah, all his actions were carried out in accordance with the Qur an and Sunnah of the Prophet , the Pride of the Universe. All the virtues of the blessed Prophet s character were united in this man; and so those who read his life story with care and consideration will, inshallah, derive benefit from doing so.

Musa Topbaş
ISBN: 975-6736-62-3


Principles from the Lives of the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs

     Hülefa-i Raşidin The most exceptional era in human history in terms of virtue, justice, altruism, and ethics was the era of the golden age of Islam. It is called a golden age because Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu a. s), whose inward spirit many Muslims understand as the original cause of creation, was alive in the world during that time. The spiritual power of the Prophet shaped the era in which he lived. And it was then possible for great numbers of ordinary people to encounter him regularly and to get to know him well. The people of that honored age emerged out of the darkness of violent ignorance and made their way to the civilization of peaceful virtue. Then they climbed the peaks of knowledge of Allah. Members of this community are therefore called the Venerable Companions of the Prophet. They were faithful to the Prophet in all matters.

Osman Nuri Topbaş
ISBN: 978-9944-83-263-2


My First Arabic Book

     Has been particularly developed for the Islamic Integrated Education Programme (IIEP) and Early Arabic Education. The contents have been skilfully selected, organized and written to suit the level of the learner. The unique strength of the book lies in the following areas: Covers the preschool Arabic curriculum (IIEP) for the beginner. Contains an excellent combination of stimulating activities, information and exercises. Contains illustrations that enhance perception and help relate to real life. Makes Arabis interesting and enjoyable to the learners. Simplified in a way that even those who do not know Arabic can use it. Those who were involved in compiling this book have many years of teaching experience and know the needs of the children. We pray to Allah to make this book bring light to all.



My Second Arabic Book

     My Second Arabic Book İs the second little in a series of Arabic books based on early learning of Arabic language. The contents have ben skillfully selected, organized and written to suit the level of the learner. The main objectives of the book are: Make a child recognize Arabic alphabets and read them with their vowels i.e. fatha, kasra and dhamma. It is specifially designed to meet the needs of a growing child in acquiring a new language (Arabic) in the most simplest and appropriate way. Enhances learning of Arabic through stimulating activities, pupil s experiences and discovery. Makes Arabic interesting and enjoyable through application of Arabic consepts to real life situations. Helps the child grip with the names of familiar pictures and hence increase Arabic vocabulary. Contains instructions which make the book accessible to all. We pray to Allah to make this book bring light to All.



Joseph The Prophet

     Surah joseph,the reason for the revelation of the surah joseph,the best of all narratives the dream of joseph, joseph s brothers setting their trap,joseph s being thrown into a well ,joseph s being, sold, joseph and zulaykha,zulaykha s testing of the women of egypt, joseph s being thrown into the dungeon, joseph s interpreting the dreams of the inmates of the prison the dream of the prince of egypt,and joseph s interpretation of it,joseph s alayhi al-salam acquittal joseph s appointment as the minister,divine ordinance (judgment)belongsonly to god, joseph s reunıon with benjamin and their conversation,benjamin s detainment,praiseworthy patience, one must not loose hope god s mercyand compassıon i am joseph, joseph pardonıng his brothers take this shırt of mine to my father, i perceıve the smell of joseph the opening of the eyes of jacob.

Mahmud Sami Ramazanoğlu


The Prophet Of Mercy Muhammad

     The author, Osman Nuri Topbas, currently lives in Istanbul. He has received both a traditional and a modern education. He has written many books on different aspects of Islam as a religion and as a civilization. One recurring theme in his writings bears on the importance of mercy, love, and care in our social relations as the very fabric of an authentic Islamic way of life. This book, written in a climate of love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), reflects this mercy, while discussing the most distinguished characteristics of the Prophet s way of life and his morality. It intends to guide people to kindness and a refinement of the heart, thus aiming to help them gain happiness in this world and the Hereafter. The information presented in this book has been collected from the most reliable and earliest possible scholarly sources, which are thoroughly cited in footnotes. The sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have been chosen only from authentic collections of hadiths. For those who desire to obtain further information, the Arabic sources have been provided.

Osman Nuri Topbaş
ISBN: 975-6736-28-3


Hajj Mabrur And Umrah

     In this book, Cheikh Osman Nuri Topbaş Hoca Efendi expaln than an Hajj Mabrur or an accepted pilgrimage is an act of worship which is filled with spiritual beauties from its beginning to the end. While stating the results of righteous deeds performed during a major or minor pilgrimage, the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) expressed it goal as follows: “Combine the performance of Hajj and Umrah, for they eliminate the sins just as the bellows eliminate rust from iron. Umrah, or minor pilgrimage, which is advised in this tradition to combine with the hajj as a mean of purification, is also very important in Islam but unlike Hajj, which is required to be done only once and in certain days of the years, Umrah can be performed any time of the year and as many times as one wishes.

Osman Nuri Topbaş
ISBN: 978-9944-83-365-3


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