Society's Hidden Wound Wastefulness

Unfortunately, in today's world, with the dominance of the capitalist and materialistic systems, we are witnessing a sad picture that reveals the exploitation of the weakest in favour of the wasteful waste of the strongest.
The most pathetic is that we see Islamic circles that claim the "piety" to be carried away by this influx of mismanagement. This Muslim community is prey to luxury, waste, the pursuit of prestige and unfortunately, Muslims today are deaf to calls for help and blind to the suffering of the oppressed.
Waste is usually defined by using one's material goods to be seen, to gain prestige, but this is a limited definition. In fact, the waste characterizes a transgression of the divine limits and a passing of the limits on all the planes and not only the material. It is a way of life, a state of mind, a disposition of the heart and a mentality that denotes a depravity of morals on all aspects of life. From this point of view, the most dangerous waste remains the one that compromises the spiritual life of the human being. In this small book we are trying to provide a much broader definition. Thus, let us present to you a tempting program composed beforehand of themes such as wasting in faith, conviction and in adoration, then, waste of time, knowledge, moral values, in contemplation, in the gain, in the gift, of health and in the diet.

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