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Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect - 1

     Considering it is the Light of Muhammad that provides the reason for existence of all creation, it is impossible to do justice, solely through these humble words, to a life so unique and unblemished, of a man honored as My Beloved by the Creator. Still, there await countless benefits for each and every person, depending on aptitude, in nonetheless attempting to narrate the life of the Blessed Prophet pbuh and pass on his characteristics to new generations. Thus we will consider ourselves honored, if through this work, we are able to receive so little as a glimpse of the exceptional character of the Prophet pbuh and to emulate his great morals. Let it be known that we are far from making the absurd claim to have understood and explained the Noble Prophet pbuh as befits him. With respect to the magnificence of the Messenger of Allah pbuh, our words should much rather be taken like a flimsy ray of light that pierces through a punctured felt covering a lamp. Allah, glory unto Him, declares.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-83-210-6


Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect - 2

     The borders of the small Muslim city-state founded in Medina, comprised approximately of four-hundred families, reached Iraq and Palestine, only in a matter of ten years. The Companions were at war with Byzantine and Persia at the time of the bereavement of the Noble Messenger, though their standards of living had little changed as compared to ten years before. They continued persisting in their lives of abstinence. Excess consumption, greed, luxury and pomp were things unknown to the Companions, imbued with a constant awareness that awaiting the flesh, tomorrow, was but the grave. With the excitement and zest of faith, they instead used them as means for guiding humankind to its salvation. They molded their lives in the cast of seeking the pleasure of Allah. Without a doubt one of the most prominent reasons for the clear and rapid spread of Islam, like a glaring flash of morning light, among the oppressed and the exploited, was the fact that the Companions showed a perfect Muslim character wherever they stepped foot.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-832-65-6


The Role Of Tasawwuf In The Muslim's Test With His Own Self

     This book try to draw attention to relevant criteria of the Shariah as a declaration of the vital need for Tasawwuf. By doing that the author Cheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž hoca efendi tried to clarify the state of our heart, which should be as servants of Allah in our interactions with our Lord, and define the most proper way to interact with one’s guide for those who set out on the spiritual journey training under such guides. He has also tried to bring attention to the fact that overstepping the limits of love and connection can lead one to bigotry and extremes, thus warning of certain dangers that can lead one to lose their foothold.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-839-53-2


The Society Of The Age Of Bliss

     In this book, Cheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž Hoca Efendi explains in detail what can be considered as the Age of Bliss (in Arabic Asr-I-Saadah) as follow (extract): The Age of Bliss refers to an age of peace and happiness, in which human beings enjoyed the greatest joy thinkable. The Age of Bliss were times honoured by the presence of the Blessed Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) The term Asr-u Saadah has also been used, from time to time, to refer to period of the Righteous Caliphs, to the succeeding Tabiin generation, even to the Tabau Tabiin generation subsequent to it. Some exegetes comment that the vow taken on asr, or ‘time’, in surah al-Asr, is also in reference to the Asr-u Saadah; for it was during those times that the true was definitively separated from false.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-83-354-7


The Final Divine Religion Islam

     Islam invites all human beings and jinns. Everyone, regardless of race, skin color, gender, or national origin can become a Muslim. Islam classifies humanity according to their responsibilities and rights, and it considers that only two human nations exist: believers and unbelievers. It is by no means logical that a system sent for the bliss and salvation of humanity by Allah  Whose mercy encompasses all creation  be allotted to a handful of people while all others are left devoid of this bounty. This situation contrasts with the Rahman and Raheem attributes of Allah. The Noble Quran and the messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) said: God Almighty shows mercy to those who show mercy. Show mercy to those on earth so that those in the Heavens shall show mercy to you. (Abu Dawud, Adab, 58/4941; Tirmizi, Birr 16/1924; Ahmad bin Hanbal, II, 160) (O Muhammad!) We sent you not but as a Mercy for all creatures. (Al-Anbiya` (The Prophets), 21:107)

Dr. Murat Kaya
ISBN: 978-9944-83-102-4


A Muslim's Character - 1

     The Muslim’s fundamental faith, acts of worship, ethical principles, cordial customs and traditions both together form our basic values. All of these characteristic should be in full correspondence with the most exemplar model the one’s of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa r. To achieve this goal this book has been written with the great hope to be a reference book that the children (11 and more) will enjoy reading and being too a guide book for the parents. It exposes, according to the children’s developmental characteristics and level:
     -The interpretation of the verses of the Qur’an and the saying of the Prophet r on the subject.
     -Examples from the lives of our beloved Prophet r, his companions y and the great Muslims.
     -Stories about the contemporary world
     -Plays and activities which can be complete in class…

Faruk Kanger PhD.
Aynur Tutkun
ISBN: 978-6053-020-67-7


The Muslim's Trial with Money

     Islam is a divine cast that shapes a person’s faith and practice but it also moulds his morals and social interactions.
     A Muslim who therefor allows Islam to enter in his heart and soul and so in his life has values principles and direction. The thought of embracing the cold and callous commercial ways of capitalism does not even cross his mind. Capitalism urges him to recognize no other standard than his own self-interests.
     What marks Islam out is the line it draws between Halal (legitimate) and Haram (prohibited).
     This book based on a conversation between Altżnoluk revue and the Cheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž, aims to warn against the most common mistakes made in today’s commercial life and advise a right way out.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 975-6053-02-313-5


Prophet Muhammad: Mercy to the Worlds The Qur'an: The Eternal Miracle

     This book in your end has been written to express our endless praise and thanks to Allah U who brought us into existence from nothing and rendered us with being part of the community of the most beloved Messenger Muhammad Mustafa r who revived hearts by leading humankind out of the darkness of the era of ignorance by teaching and spreading the luminous atmosphere of Islam and built a civilisation of virtue. More praise are due to our Almighty lord Allah U for having transmit us by the intermediate of our beloved Prophet r the last book as a divine gift. With this mind we have compiled this humble book as a summary of various articles previously penned with the aim of reflecting on our love for Allah U and His Messenger r.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-839-66-2


The Secret in the Love for God

     The greatest fruit of the blessing of faith is to look at creation with the eyes of the Creator and to approach all creatures with love. This elevates the life of a human being to higher levels and causes him or her to enter a world of forgiveness, mercy and love. One can then spread love and mercy to all creation. Mercy is a fire that is never extinguished in the heart of a Muslim. In this world, it is the distinguishing essence of being human which leads us through the heart to union with our Lord…. A believer is always on the first line of every struggle which bestows peace to the hearts of others.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-9944-83-099-7


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