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Being a Guiding Light

    The Holy Qur’an statutes that:
    “And let there arise from among you a community inviting to good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. It is they who have found salvation.” (Al-i Imran, 3:104)
    And after that our Lord make this sentence:
    And who could be better of speech than he who calls [his fellow-men] unto God, and does what is just and right, and says, “Verily, I am of those who have surrendered themselves to God”?
    This was the attitude of our Beloved and Blessed Prophet who embarked upon his duty of tabligh with great fervour and a deep feeling of responsibility. Only a handful of people believed him. Most of his relatives and clans remained fiercely opposed. The assaults, torture, injustice and abuse, however, did nothing to hold the Prophet back from the call.
    After his departure to the hereafter his companions took the flag of guidance and carried it to the four corners of the world. They went on journeys of guidance and teaching all the way to Samarkand, China, Kairouan and deep into Africa. And by this way due to their blessed efforts we can now still live as Muslims. But this is from them a legacy that we’ve to transmit to the coming generations. And for that the most important and valuable way is to be a “guiding light” as was our prophet, his companions and those who follow them after that. Tabligh and promoting good amongst society also gain value according to the times in which they are conducted. Our times have become an age of ignorance which the Prophet foretold in his hadith explaining the trials and tribulations towards the end of times.
    In this book our guide Sheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž provide us examples to be this one guiding light with the full conviction that He who sees the light does not turn back to return to the darkness but want to see more light.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-963-2


360° Strategic Vision Development

    This book, 360° Strategic Vision Development, is a rare achievement by the author; introducing a completely new concept of strategic vision development; the 360° life segment. This new perspective enables the reader to achieve a holistic vision from personal to a global level, and covering six major fields of development: vis, Education, Spirituality, Health, Finance, Service and Advocacy.
    The author introduces a technique that takes the reader through gradual steps of moving away from old and trite perspectives to one of effectively deploying resources available to the individual for the realization of his or her vision.
It also anchors the development of a strategic vision in faith in Allah, the Creator as well as responsibility to the creation. This is another remarkable distinguishing feature of this book.

Abdul Nasiru DEEN
ISBN: 978-6254-40-224-1



     The almighty has given us minds so that we can separate good from evil. Having a sound mind is the condition for a person being responsible for his actions.
      So what are atheism and deism? They are an error of reason.
    This book has been written to give the sparkling minds of our people a proper insight into this matter and prevent their pure worlds from being muddied.
     And it aims to respond to the lunacies of atheism and deism and lay bare the swamp of denial that underlies both.
We ask Allah the almighty to make his book a guide for our brothers busy conveying Islam and educating others in tackling the cunning questions and propaganda that appears on the internet and elsewhere which target the clear and unblemished minds of our youth.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-645-7


Rumi (Rahmatullah-i Alayh)

     There are people who, although they are still alive, are old times.
     On the other hand, there are people who, although they lived centuries ago, see their breaths give life to hearts and are still full of energy today. That is, no matter how long the time has passed, these people will never be gone.
     Thus the letter written centuries ago to humanity sincerely by this great friend of Allah always finds an effect in the world today and arouses excitement. Because his works, which are also a legacy for humanity, help the person to recognize himself by holding a mirror of his inner world, to return to his origin and to solve his spiritual problems. In our day, the hearts of the oppressed, who are under the authority of the materialistic spirit, find peace and tranquillity, and are also an opportunity to find the right path.
     Mawlânâ Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî is one of those exceptional friends of Allah to whom He has given a richness through the series of times that aim to guide and make hearts live.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-626-6


Journey To Eternity

     Esteemed readers,
     Let us never forget that we have come to this World to earn our place in the Next World and let us never forget that a difficult journey awaits us. Our last breath, the grave, the resurrection, the Day of Reckoning, the Balance, the Judgment and the bridge of Sirât… are waiting for us.
Imam Rabbani says:
     “Death is not a calamity. The real calamity is ignorance of what will come to pass after death.”
Countless warning and words of counsel confirm these truths in the Qur’an and Prophetic traditions. It is with the intention of enabling these important truths to become duly imprinted in our hearts and minds that we present this humble work to our readers.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-625-9


The Chain Of Prophets

     God has blessed humans with a number of supreme qualities to lead them to the truth.
     However, He has also further helped them by appointing guides from among them with exceptional, God-given traits. Among those guides, the ones who received divine revelation are known as prophets.
     The prophets are righteous individuals, who have set an example for the rest of humankind and who were given three main duties:
     1. To convey the revelations of God,
     2. To cleanse and purify souls,
     3. And to teach people the book and wisdom.
     Sending prophets is our Lord’s special way of helping humanity and this help started with Prophet Adam (AS) in order to encompass the entire history of man.
     Adam (AS) was not only the first man but also the first prophet. Around 124,000 prophets have since walked on and cemented the cobbles of that sacred path to salvation. Although the core of the message they delivered remained unchanged, parallel to the progress of humanity, the path reached its summit and perfection in Prophet Muhammed (SAW).
     We have humbly relied on the help of Allah to write this book, which offers the parables of the prophets as told by the Qur’an. It begins with the first leaf of the prophetic calendar and ends with the last, laying emphasis on the lessons and wisdom to be taken from their experiences.
     Here, our readers will find the story and events during the life of all Prophets Peace upon them – except the blessed time of Prophet Muhammed Peace and Blessings upon him which is relate in a special book totally dedicated to his life.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-452-1


The Prophet Muhammad's Sayings

     Our Beloved Prophet Muhammed told to his companions:

‏ تَرَكْتُ فِيكُمْ أَمْرَيْنِ لَنْ تَضِلُّوا مَا تَمَسَّكْتُمْ بِهِمَا كِتَابَ اللَّهِ وَسُنَّةَ نَبِيِّهِ‏ ‏ 

   "I have left two matters with you. As long as you hold to them, you will not go the wrong way. They are the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Prophet."
     This school book has been written to teach to our dear students the value and importance of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet.
It is detailed by subjects and define aims and way to reach it with games revision questions.

Handan Yalvaç Arżcż
Esma Budak
ISBN: 978-6053-02-119-3


Society's Hidden Wound Wastefulness

     Unfortunately, in today's world, with the dominance of the capitalist and materialistic systems, we are witnessing a sad picture that reveals the exploitation of the weakest in favour of the wasteful waste of the strongest.
     The most pathetic is that we see Islamic circles that claim the "piety" to be carried away by this influx of mismanagement. This Muslim community is prey to luxury, waste, the pursuit of prestige and unfortunately, Muslims today are deaf to calls for help and blind to the suffering of the oppressed.
     Waste is usually defined by using one's material goods to be seen, to gain prestige, but this is a limited definition. In fact, the waste characterizes a transgression of the divine limits and a passing of the limits on all the planes and not only the material. It is a way of life, a state of mind, a disposition of the heart and a mentality that denotes a depravity of morals on all aspects of life. From this point of view, the most dangerous waste remains the one that compromises the spiritual life of the human being. In this small book we are trying to provide a much broader definition. Thus, let us present to you a tempting program composed beforehand of themes such as wasting in faith, conviction and in adoration, then, waste of time, knowledge, moral values, in contemplation, in the gain, in the gift, of health and in the diet.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-02-596-2


The Universe, the Qur'an and the Human

     In this book entitled “THE UNIVERSE, THE QUR’AN AND THE HUMAN” the writer Sheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž explain us that:
     The Qur’an, the Word of Allah expressed in letters is the guidance in both this world and the Hereafter.
     The Universe is another book of Allah where His Glory and Power is manifested, the Boo of the universe.
     The human is the essence, index and secret of these books.
     The real education means to be able to read these wonderful books, to apprehend and digest them and to live in accordance with the contents of them in the Scholl of the Universe.
     The reach this real education Sheikh Osman Nuri Topbaž provide in this book the features that will be the key for our contemplation.

Osman Nuri Topbaž
ISBN: 978-6053-026-14-3


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